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BioPoly® Publications

Clinical Publications

  • Nathwani et al, 2017. J Bone Joint Surg OA

    Partial Resurfacing of the Knee with the

    BioPoly Implant - Interim Report at 2 years

  • ICRS 2015 Convention Abstract

    Focal Knee Resurfacing – Filling the void between

    biological resurfacing and arthroplasty

  • Case Report

    Treatment of a focal osteochondral defect at the

    knee with a cemented BioPoly® RS implant

  • Functional outcomes at 5 years after treatment

    of a femoral condyle lesion with a novel

    permanent defect replacement (BioPoly® RS

    Partial Resurfacing Knee): a case report

  • Functional outcomes at 4 years after treatment

    of femoral bicondylar lesions with novel permanent

    defect replacement implants (BioPoly® RS

    Partial Resurfacing Knee): a case report

Basic Science Publications