FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly LLC, announced that it has performed its 100th surgery with the BioPoly®partial resurfacing knee implants.BioPoly® knee implants are designed to replace painful articular cartilage lesions of the knee using its proprietary BioPoly® material that makes use of the patient’s own joint lubricating fluid. The BioPoly material combines a synthetic polymer (an orthopaedic polyethylene) with a biological molecule (hyaluronic acid), thus, creating a novel material that is self-lubricating. Based on clinical data and on testing performed in the lab, the BioPoly material shows no sign of wear as patients return to their normal activities, and the opposing cartilage surfaces show no sign of damage.Herb Schwartz, Ph.D., President of BioPoly, stated “We are very excited to reach this important milestone. With the longest term patients beyond the 3-year time point, the implants are performing remarkably. Patients can bear weight immediately after surgery and return to normal activities within weeks. They are reporting that they are pain-free and are showing marked improvements in their quality of life.”

Currently, BioPoly implants are approved for use in Europe (CE mark) and Turkey and have been released to these markets on a limited basis. BioPoly is also pursuing US FDA approval for their technology and has plans to initiate the regulatory process soon. Based on the very positive outcomes and on increasing demand, the Company is in process of expanding its territories throughout the world and is also planning to expand its implant offerings later this year.


About BioPoly

BioPoly LLC is an orthopaedic device manufacturer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company is developing and manufacturing products for use in sports medicine, orthopaedics, and spinal markets. Other medical applications (i.e. cardiovascular) of the BioPoly material are also planned.