FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly LLC has announced that another U.S. patent has been granted for its innovative BioPoly® material, which is currently being used to replace damaged cartilage in joints. Where some of the other BioPoly patents address the design of the implants, this patent family focuses on the material itself. This most recent patent, regarding material derivatives, adds to the Company’s intellectual property portfolio to provide the assurance that all aspects of the implants, material, and surgical technique are protected throughout the world.

BioPoly is continuing to improve its material capabilities through its intellectual property additions (patents and trade secrets). So, in addition to the clinically proven applications in sports medicine, BioPoly is also pursuing total joint applications because of the greatly improved wear properties of BioPoly over those of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

About BioPoly, LLC

BioPoly LLC is an ISO 13485 certified orthopaedic implant manufacturer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Company is developing, manufacturing and marketing products for use in sports medicine and orthopaedics. Additional medical applications of the BioPoly® technology in cardiovascular, spinal, and trauma markets are also being pursued.