FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly LLC has announced that two additional US patents have been granted which protect its unique material, orthopaedic devices, and methods of implantation. BioPoly’s patent portfolio totals 12 for this subject matter thus far. According to Company president, Herb Schwartz, Ph.D., “We’ve devoted a significant amount of resources and strategic planning toward intellectual property protection. With the patents and trademarks that have already been awarded, along with additional applications in the pipeline, we have extremely good coverage worldwide.”BioPoly LLC is an orthopaedic company whose market advantage is based on its unique, proprietary material also called BioPoly®. Through an innovative combination of a lubricating molecule found in cartilage and an orthopaedic polymer, the BioPoly material behaves like a synthetic self-lubricating cartilage. With this material, the Company is able to provide implants that replace only the damaged portion of joints rather than replace entire (total) joints.

BioPoly® implants have been used clinically in Europe for over 5 years. Post-market clinical data is being collected via registry studies and the results indicate that patients who receive these implants are experiencing very positive and life-changing outcomes. BioPoly® implants for the knee, patella, and shoulder are approved for use in Europe through receipt of the CE mark.